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The Center for Good Food Purchasing was created in 2015 to guide the national expansion of the Good Food Purchasing Program, a replicable model which was developed by the Los Angeles Food Policy Council (LAFPC) and tested in Los Angeles beginning in 2012. The Center for Good Food Purchasing works with national partners, local food policy councils and grassroots coalitions, administrators, and elected officials in cities across the country to scale the Good Food Purchasing model. To read more about the Good Food Purchasing Program in Los Angeles, visit the LAFPC website.


The model was developed by a multi-stakeholder working group with expertise in labor, nutrition, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, agriculture, processing, distribution and institutional food procurement. Nearly 100 national, state, and local food system experts provided recommendations and feedback on the policy, which was developed as a framework for institutions of all types and sizes and across locations.



  • Los Angeles Food Policy Council Procurement working group develops the Good Food Purchasing Guidelines for Food Service Institutions.


  • The City of LA and LA Unified School District adopt the Good Food Purchasing Policy, committing to implementing the Good Food Purchasing Guidelines. These commitments impact approximately 750,000 meals a day.


  • In response to interest from cities and institutions across the country for replicating the Good Food Purchasing model elsewhere, the Good Food Purchasing Program is spun off from LAFPC and the Center for Good Food Purchasing is created to house the national initiative.
  • Coalitions and/or government entities actively establish the Good Food Purchasing Program as a priority in Austin, Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Oakland, Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul), and San Francisco.


  • San Francisco Unified School District adopts a Good Food Purchasing resolution via unanimous vote by the School Board.


  • Chicago Public Schools adopts the Good Food Purchasing Program (June), followed by Chicago Park District (September) and a resolution adopted by the City of Chicago (October).


  • Boulder Valley School District’s School Food Project is awarded our first-ever five star Good Food Provider rating following a baseline assessment of its institutional procurement practices.