“The year is 2030 and we’re looking back at a decade of movement building and policy wins. How did we get there? One step at a time…”

This past year, as more light was shed on the deep-seated problems in our food system, public awareness grew about how the system was failing to meet our needs. The Good Food Purchasing Program: A Roadmap for the Post-Pandemic Food System We Need looks toward the future, to what is possible over the next ten years if we act boldly, together, with our values and imagination as our guide.

The Roadmap reflects insights, observations, and themes gleaned from communities involved in the Good Food Purchasing Program and their experiences addressing the many challenges brought upon by the Covid-19 pandemic. Building on our Impact Report 2012-2019 outlining the history of the Good Food Purchasing Program, the Roadmap demonstrates how, with the right strategies and policies, we can create the food system we want.

The Roadmap includes:

  • key pillars for successful food system transformation using values-based procurement;
  • examples of leadership, innovation, and perseverance;
  • recommended actions and investments needed to accelerate change at the scale and pace we need; and
  • an appendix listing over 100 national and state-by-state Covid-19 response efforts.

If we step out onto this path—guided by courage, conviction, and a shared vision—we will find ourselves looking back on a decade of movement-building and policy wins that centered values and justice in our food system. The future we want is within our reach.