The Good Food Purchasing Program transforms the way public institutions purchase food by creating a transparent and equitable food system built on five core values: local economies, health, valued workforce, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. The Center for Good Food Purchasing provides a comprehensive set of tools, technical support, and verification system to assist institutions in meeting their Program goals and commitments.


In 2020, as more light was shed on the deep-seated problems in our food system, public awareness grew about how the system was failing to meet our needs. The Good Food Purchasing Program: A Roadmap for the Post-Pandemic Food System We Need looks toward the future, to what is possible over the next ten years if we act boldly, together, with our values and imagination as our guide.


The Center for Good Food Purchasing is pleased to celebrate Food Day with our institutional partners as we offer our gratitude to the food service staff and essential food workers who have kept our communities not just fed, but nourished throughout the pandemic.




Memo: Food Procurement and Infrastructure

Memo: Food Procurement and Infrastructure Chloe Waterman Friends of the Earth, Mackenzie Feldman Data For Progress, and Julian Kraus-Polk Other contributing groups: Center for Good Food Purchasing, Food Chain Workers Alliance, HEAL Food [...]