On Being Asian/American: Reflections & Resources

I want to offer words of inspiration, resiliency in this moment. But truthfully? I keep hearing the same thing, which echoes what I’m feeling—we are fearful, we are heartbroken, we are exhausted. This, on top of a pandemic.

It’s hard to find the words to express our feelings and concerns at this juncture of race relations in our nation. We recognize that there is a long history of violence and racism against Asians in the United States that has been ignored by most. In the spirit of continuous learning and listening to long-overlooked stories of what it means to be Asian in America, we are sharing resources to which our team has turned for education, comfort, and inspiration.

Words are seeds. May we plant the seeds of transformation toward a respectful, multi-racial democracy; a society free from violence based on hate, brutality based on racial profiling, and countless other manifestations of harmful prejudices against the varied communities of our country.

One day, Asians will be neither invisible nor in the fleeting spotlight, portrayed as victims. One day, we will be seen as the valued members of society that we are, our belonging as natural as anyone who comes to mind when you hear ‘All-American.’ Our rich culture and history will be woven into our country’s history, and the gold will gleam brighter than the grime.

*Quotations were contributed by Asian/American staff at the Center for Good Food Purchasing.




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Header image: Artwork by Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya for New York City’s “I Still Believe in Our City” campaign to combat anti-Asian discrimination, harassment, and bias as a result of Covid-19.