“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.” —Gwendolyn Brooks

This is a time like no other. We find ourselves experiencing an unprecedented scale of disruption of life as we’ve known it, and to significant parts of our food system. Among those who provide essential services—since long before this crisis—are the people who grow, harvest, process, and distribute food. During this deeply challenging time, we extend our heartfelt support to: 

  • Farm and food chain workers who are risking their lives to do their jobs, and many others who are facing severe financial difficulty due to closures and layoffs, including undocumented workers who face unique hardships; 
  • School districts, which have mobilized to ensure that all students, their families, and communities can access them, at a time when the need is greater than ever;
  • The farmers and food businesses that are continuing to bring food for our tables, especially the small farms and businesses owned by people of color and women who are struggling to sustain themselves during this time of great uncertainty;  
  • Local governmental and grassroots leaders and coalitions who are working to respond to rapidly evolving circumstances to address supply chain impacts and ensure food and other forms of assistance get to the most vulnerable populations.

We are so inspired by the leadership, innovation, and resourcefulness we’ve seen on the ground in communities across the country. It comes as no surprise as so many of our partners have long been working on the solutions our food system needs to contribute to community and planetary health. We have known all along that our collective work is fundamental to building a just, healthy, and resilient society that can withstand crises like the one we’re currently facing—now we are seeing that collective energy in action like never before. 

In this moment, we are particularly grateful for the relationships and networks that have been built through the Good Food Purchasing Program over the last several years. Through this crisis, and beyond, we are committed to deepening those partnerships, supporting efforts to meet the immediate needs of those most affected, and advancing our collective vision of food system transformation.