Episode 9: Alexa Delwiche, Center for Good Food Purchasing

Errol Schweizer

“This work has always been about system change.”

Alexa Delwiche is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Good Food Purchasing, which co-created and manages the Good Food Purchasing Program. GFPP works closely with public institutions, unions, community groups and municipal governments to implement ethical sourcing and procurement standards in order to reform regional food systems and give everyone better food options. They have worked closely with school districts and other school meal reform groups to make substantial changes to the food quality and options available for school children in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago and many other cities. Alexa took time out of her crazy schedule to give us the download on GFPP’s history, criteria, stakeholders and impact to food systems. For more info, go to https://goodfoodpurchasing.org .

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